How To Create A Mixed Media Planner Layout

Posted by Claudia

All you planner lovers out there have to check out the Vicki Boutin Mixed Media Collection! It includes quite a few planning staples like washi tape, clips and bright markers, that will make it easy to incorporate mixed media elements into your next layout.

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Creating a Mixed Media Planner Layout

Mixed media can be intimidating for those who have never tried it. With so many colors, layers and textures it can seem like a daunting task to create a composition. However, with Vicki Boutin's Mixed Media Collection from American Crafts, you can give mixed media a try without feeling overwhelmed. The products are very simple and straightforward so even beginners can quickly grasp mixed media techniques. If you are a planner that is yet to try mixed media, what better way than to incorporate it into something you are already a pro at! Creating this mixed media planner layout allows you to pick up some basic techniques, become comfortable with materials and learn that "mistakes" are really just happy accidents that can be transformed with a little creativity and more product!

Step 1: Tear sections of washi tape and apply where you would like to add the days of the week.

Step 2: Next to each piece of washi tape, scribble a circle shape using a couple different art crayons. Blend with your finger.

Step 3: Use number stamps and ink to stamp the dates into the smudged circles.

Step 4: Embellish the area around your date using mixed media color markers. I drew simple dashes, zig-zags and lines.

Step 5: Use a bit more washi from the pack to embellish the layout as desired.

Step 6: Using the black mixed media marker, write in the days of the week.

Step 7: Create headers for your lists using the roller stamp.

Step 8: Use one of the collection's metal clips to mark your page and you're all set to fill in your plans!

Hopefully this project inspires all of you planner addicts out there to dabble in mixed media. With user friendly products and simple techniques, it easy to get your feet wet!

Happy Crafting!