High Quality DIY Painted Mug

Posted by Meghan

Creating a custom mug just got a lot easier with Marabu's P&G Painter. These high-quality paint pens allow you to create custom designs on porcelain and glass that will last forever!

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Calling all coffee and tea drinkers! I have a fun DIY project that will deter your family and co-workers from stealing your favorite mug. You can create a painted mug that stands out from the pack and can easily be identified if snatched up my someone else!

I hate it when I go to grab a cup of coffee and my mug is missing. If you've ever had a generic mug that you keep at work, you know what I am talking about. I can't tell you how many times I've had my mug taken by a fellow co-worker. If you've been a victim of mugnapping, this painted mug DIY is for you. The awesome P&G Painters from Marabu all you to customize a mug in minutes. What's great about these paint pens is they contain high pigment ink that is specially formulated to work on porcelain and glass and is dishwasher safe - you don't have to worry about your design rubbing off when it's washed!

Here's How To Make Your Own Flower Painted Mug

Step 1: Start by adding petals to your mug with your light blue paint pen to create a flower.

Step 2: Continue adding flower petals all along the base of your mug varying the sizes. Tip: You'll want to avoid the lip line when adding your designs.

Step 3: Add a circle inside of the petals with the red paint pen and color it in. I added my circle a little off-center.

Step 4: Next, take your dark blue paint pen and add small circles where the petals meet the center of the flower.

With Marabu P&G Painters you can create a gorgeous, high-quality painted mug in a few minutes that will last forever. Since these markers were made for porcelain and glass, you can add detail to mugs, vases, plates, and more! Just think of all the customization you could do. Since people will know which mug is yours you no longer have to worry about it going missing and if it does, you'll know exactly who took it!