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Pearl Ex Mica Pigment Set of 12 - Series 2

by Jacquard

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Make-up for crafts Sold!

When I first set my pretty little eyes on Pearl-Ex pigments, I couldnt deny the similarity to

my make-up collection. These non-toxic, extremely colorfast and stable powdered pigments

come in array of colors to rival that of any makeup counter. Ideal for interior, exterior and

archival applications these pigments add a luxe luster to any project. Mix them into any

viscous medium or spread dry on any porous surface to produce deeply rich metallic

effect. Pearl-Ex pigments are temperature resistant, and accommodate being fired in a

kiln up to 600 degrees. The Series II 12-color set includes Aztec

gold, antique copper, antique silver, duo green-yellow, bright yellow, flamingo pink, spring

green, turquoise, true blue, misty lavender, blue russet and sparkling copper in 3g jars.

The set also includes a foldout with two projects.The 6-color set includes reflex violet,

micro pearl, red russet, super copper, brilliant gold and Aztec gold in 3g jars. The Series

III 12-color set includes carbon black, pumpkin orange, salmon pink, pink gold, reflex

violet, grey lavender, mink, sky blue, pearl white, antique bronze, sunset gold and duo

blue-green in 3g jars. The set also includes a foldout with two projects Shrink Art,

Decorative Card and Christmas Ornaments. The 32-color set includes all listed colors in

3g jars plus five project sheets. The 8-color Set Chromatics includes citrine, scarlet,

magenta, shimmer violet, sapphire blue, apple green, emerald and dark brown in 14g

jars. Add a little glam dimension to all of your projects with Pearl-Ex Pigments.


  • Non-Toxic
  • Available in 12 colors
  • Colorfast and stable
  • Powder Pigmen
  • Heat Resistant
  • Additional Color Sets Sold Separately


  • (12) 3 gram jars of Pigment
  • Powder


  • (12) 3 gram jars of Pigment Powder
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