Easy Kids Craft: Handprint Fish Puppets

Posted by Stacey Gibbon
These beautiful Handprint Fish Puppets are super easy, really inexpensive and of course, fun for ALL ages!

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Today's kid-friendly craft tutorial is ALL about puppet play! For an inexpensive thrill this afternoon, why not create some one-of-a-kind handprint fish puppets with your child and have a pretend "under the sea" show in the living room to celebrate?!

It's so simple! Just raid your stash for some scrapbook paper, pretty rhinestones, glue and of course -- tons of popsicle sticks too. Then set up shop on the kitchen table and let your child's imagination go wild as they make beautiful creations for their very own puppet show. Kids will love how they can customize their handprint fish puppets however they like, while you will love seeing that creativity really take off!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your craft supplies and get to work on helping your child make their very own "school of fish" handprint fish puppets today. Don't forget to make a few pieces using your handprints too. Happy crafting and pretend playing, my friends!

Let's get crafty!

First, you will want to trace out your child's hands on the scrapbook paper and trim them out with scissors. Repeat for how many handprint fish you want to create.

Next is the customization part of the Handprint Fish Puppets. First, I cut some heart-shaped lips out of orange colored cardstock and glued them near the palms of our handprint cutouts. Then I glued on some wiggle eyes, so our fish could see.

After those pieces were down, I then went ahead and added some dots of glue all around the handprint pieces & asked my preschooler to place some rhinestones on top. For older children, you can let them do all this on their own. The nice thing about this craft is that there are no real rules when it comes to the decorating. You can easily sub the rhinestones for glitter, buttons or even pretty sequins!

Once you are done with your customization, set all of your handprint fish puppets aside and let them dry before the final step.

To finish off our Handprint Fish Puppets, I simply glued some popsicle sticks to the back of our cutouts and again, set them aside to let them dry completely.

Once dry -- kids can get straight to using them in their puppet show and/or any other creative adventures they might have in mind. You can also skip the popsicle sticks all together and create these fish for summer and/or beach decorations. The possibilities are endless and I sure hope it inspired you!