Paper Plate Candy Corn Kid Craft

Posted by Stacey Gibbon
This kid friendly craft is not only simple and inexpensive, but it also makes for great Halloween decorations when strung together as a garland!

Candy corn is a staple of fall and many trick-or-treat bags EVERYWHERE. Although I'm personally not a fan of the white, orange & yellow striped treat (yuck), I do LOVE today's crafty post and I sure hope you do too!

Have no fear because this kid craft is NOT corny, but rather super simple for children of all ages and inexpensive too! Plus, these candy corn pieces can be easily turned into Halloween decorations and/or a fun garland when strung together. You can even add magnets to the back to adorn your fridge with OR use them as table scatter for your upcoming "spooktacular" parties. The possibilities are endless with this one!

Sweet and simple describes it to a T so don't delay on recreating it with your child today! Happy creating my friends!

Here's what you'll need:


* Large Paper Plates
* Orange (Cheese Puffused)/Yellow (Lemon Twistused) Paint Dabbers
* Scissors

Let's Get Crafty!

The first step is simple - painting the paper plate. Have children first paint the outside rim of the paper plate completely yellow, followed by another layer of orange and leaving some white in the center. Once done, set aside to let it dry completely.

Now is the fun part - the cutting! First cut your finished paper plate in half. Take each half and cut those in half again. Finish off by cutting them in half one more time. You should now have eight triangular pieces that look like candy corn.

You can easily use them as table scatter, glue some magnets to the back for the fridge or punch some holes near the tops so you can string them as a garland. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoyed making them!