HAPPINESS is a brand new box of goodies showing up in the mail, losing track of time creating something new, inky hands and not worrying about the mess.

WE DON’T SEE THINGS FOR WHAT THEY ARE, we see them for what they can be. We can never have too many colors, no matter which paint, ink, or spray it is.

SOME CALL IT “FULL SET SYNDROME.” We call it feeling complete. We relish in handmade cards, mixed media, and watercoloring. Actually, name a craft and we’re there.

WE RELAX WITH ADULT COLORING BOOKS, stay up late creating the perfect party decor, and we craft with our kids whenever we can.

WE BELIEVE EVERYONE IS CREATIVE as long as they let themselves be.

For us, crafting makes us happy.

Blitsy. Happy Crafting!