Watch Simple Stitches Become Embroidered Artwork

Posted by Claudia

By combining the concepts of coloring books and embroidery, Zenbroidery, the art of free form stitching, makes it easy to turn basic stitches into works of art! Relax and express your creativity with pretty patterns, colorful thread, and shimmery sequins.

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The art of free form Stitching

When I first came across Zenbroidery I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and relaxing it is. The coloring book-style images are stamped onto fabric and you "color" in the picture with floss by stitching in between the lines. The patterns range from very simple to quite complex, so it may seem a little intimidating, but it's not! The great thing about Zenbroidery is that there are no rules for stitching the image. Just as if you were coloring in a picture, you choose the colors, the sections to fill in and can do as much, or as little as you'd like. Even the most basic embroidery stitch becomes part of a larger, colorful piece when you stitch several rows together. You can also leave areas blank and incorporate the black lines into your finished composition or embellish your image with sequins, beads or paint. Whatever you feel inspired to do to make it uniquely yours is really all it takes!

If you need a little help stitching, there is a very handy guide included to show you the easy, basic stitches. Then all you need to get started is a pack of embroidery floss and embellishments, a wood embroidery hoop and some scissors.

Displaying your Embroidered Artwork

So what do you do with your colorful, stitched masterpiece once it's complete? Here are a few suggestions so you can display, or give, your creation with pride!

- Turn it into a pillow

- Frame it

- Incorporate it into a quilt

- Leave it in the wood hoop and hang

- Display it on a dowel as a banner

- Stitch a panel of it onto a jacket

- Stitch several together to create a cafe curtain

- Use it to wrap a small gift...two gifts in one!

I hope you feel inspired to try Zenbroidery for yourself. It is a great feeling to see your finished piece and know you made it all your own stitch by stitch!

Happy Crafting,