Use These Markers To Create Quick & Easy Watercolor Backgrounds

Posted by Claudia

You don't have to break out your paints to get a great watercolor look, the same effect can be achieved with Tombow Dual Brush Pens!

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Watercolor Backgrounds with Tombow Dual Brush Pens

You may know Tombow Dual Brush Pens for their awesome hand lettering capabilities, but they are also some of the most versatile water-based markers out there. They blend beautifully and create amazing watercolor effects when combined with water. Below is one of our absolute favorite, and quite possibly one of the easiest, techniques for creating a watercolor look in seconds.

Step 1: Pick a few colors of pens. Scribble onto a non-porous surface such as a page protector, acrylic block or this blending palette from Tombow.

Step 2: Spritz the inked area with water.

Step 3: Turn misted, inky surface over onto a piece of watercolor paper, press down and rub gently to transfer the pigment to your surface. If you are working with an acrylic block, it may be easier to turn the paper over onto the block instead.

Step 4: Lift and your watercolor background is complete! Allow to completely dry by dabbing any drips with a paper towel, using a heat embossing tool or simply air dry.

Try this technique for card making, journaling, or on a bigger scale, for creating watercolor wall art. Experiment with different color combinations for completely different looks and effects!

Happy Crafting!