This Adhesive Roller is a Die Game Changer

Posted by Meghan

Trying to poke out the tiny pieces of paper left behind in your die can be a huge pain. You can actually swipe away these pesky papers with an adhesive roller called Roll Away!

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The Amazing Roll Away

I can't tell you how many hours I've spent poking out tiny little pieces of paper from my intricate dies. If you use dies, you know what I am talking about. Sometimes I even avoid using an intricate die in my designs just so I don't have to mess with the pesky pieces that don't come out on their own! When I saw the Ken Oliver Roll Away my mind was changed; I knew I could start using my intricate dies again!

The Roll Away Tacky Roller from Ken Oliver is the perfect solution for clearing all of the paper waste from your intricate dies. This adhesive roller glides over your die picking up all of the leftover pieces of paper. It's very similar to a lint roller. What's awesome about the roller is you can reuse it! All you have to do is dunk it into a bowl of water and the paper pieces will fall off. Once the roller is dry, it gets its tackiness back. There is also a built-in cover that is both lightweight and compact so it's great for travel and storage. You can reuse the roller numerous times. If it does loose its tackiness, you can always purchase replacements!

If your are ready to reduce the amount of time you spend removing paper residue from your die, you need the Roll Away. This fantastic tool will be your new best friend!

Happy Crafting!