The Best Ink For Your Planner

Posted by Meghan

If stamping in your planner gives you major anxiety, you're not alone. Find out which ink is the best to use in your planner so you can avoid ruining your pages!

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Planner Stamping

When it comes to planning, keeping your life organized is important. However, many people also use their planner as a creative outlet and like to decorate their pages. There are numerous ways to add color and personalty to your planner. You can add stickers to signify important dates or events, insert inspirational quote cards, or you can stamp icons and other fun designs.

Now, if you find yourself getting stamping anxiety, especially when it comes to your planner, you are not alone. The last think you want to do is have your monthly or weekly spread ready to go only to ruin everything you've done because your ink ran through to the next page! When it comes to the best ink for your planner pages, I went ahead and did all of the work for you. I took some of the hottest planners on the market today and tested them with different types of inks. I used pigment ink, dye ink, distress ink, and chalk ink.

To kick off my test, I started with dye ink and distress ink. These both bled through all of the planners I was testing. When I tried the pigment ink on all of my planner pages, it bled a little or had a bit of shadowing on the other side of the page. This ink could work in some planners, but you will have to deal with a bit of a drying time. The last ink I tested was chalk ink. This ink was the clear winner in my test. It did not bleed through any of the planner pages I tested and the dry time was quicker than the pigment ink. You can see my full planner and ink test in the video above!

So, now that you know the best ink for you planner is chalk ink, it's time to stock-up! You can now rest easy as you stamp in your planner that all of your pages will remain bright and pretty!

Happy Crafting!