Quick Card Sentiments

Posted by Meghan

If you are not a fan of your own handwriting you can use the Brutus Monroe Sentiment Stakz, which are Christopher Alan's actual handwriting! These card sentiments can finish a card in seconds!

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Brutus Monroe Sentiment Stakz

Adding a sentiment to your card is normally the final detail. The type of card is usually determined before you get started, but picking the perfect sentiment can take a little longer. You have to rifle through all of your stamp sets to see which ones you have, only to find out that a card sentiment you like doesn't have the font style you were hoping for. Well, there is a new stamp set that is going to change all of this!

The Brutus Monroe Sentiment Stakz is a clickable, stackable stamp set. The stamps nest inside of each other, keeping them together and allowing the different sentiments to be seen at a glance. The set includes 12 sentiments like Happy Birthday, Miss You, Best Wishes, Smile, and more!

What also makes this stamp set so unique is the font. It's Christopher Alan's very own handwriting! How cool is that? If you hate the way your handwriting looks, you can now get the look with a stamp. Since this is done in Christopher's handwriting, it's also a great option for a more masculine card!

It's time to start incorporating handwritten sentiments into your cardmaking with Brutus Monroe Sentiment Stackz. This clickable stamp set stores perfectly on your desk making it easy to see all of your card sentiments at a glance. Since the font is in Christopher's handwriting it's even great for creating more masculine cards!

Happy Crafting!