New Stamping Supplies and Sticky Glue Pad Techniques From Brutus Monroe

Posted by Claudia

Check out the new Brutus Monroe products Christopher Alan brought on his last visit to Blitsy and learn how to use one our new faves, the Sticky Glue Pad! I'll show you how to use glitter, pastels, and foil on any stamp you own!

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Christopher Alan stopped by our office to show us his new Brutus Monroe products and we are in love with this stuff! His Surface Ink (formerly known as Premium Chalk Ink) is amazing because it can be used on virtually any surface. You can blend with Surface Ink, use it to watercolor, add it to metal, glass, fabric and more. Once the ink is dry it's permanent. We can't wait to try it on everything! We are also loving his clickable stamps. After getting numerous compliments on his handwriting, Christopher decided to create stamps in his handwriting. The font is truly unique; even the duplicate letters are different from one another.

There are fantastic new stamp and stencil releases which work wonderfully with the Brutus Monroe Sticky Glue Pad. Trust me, the Sticky Glue Pad is a product you are going to want to add to your stash. It's a game changer for stampers everywhere and by far our favorite new item. I couldn't wait to try it out and it did not disappoint. Check out three ways to use it below!

Technique: Sticky Glue Pad + Glitter

It's so easy to make your impressions shimmer! Simply stamp your image using the Sticky Glue Pad and sprinkle the impression with fine glitter. Gently press the glitter with your finger to get the best coverage, give it a few seconds to dry and tap off excess. Now all of your stamps can become glittery masterpieces!

Technique: Sticky Glue Pad + Pastels/Chalks

For a colorful matte effect, pair the Sticky Glue Pad with pastels or chalks. Ink your stamp with the glue pad, stamp your image and apply the pastels with a sponge or your finger. The powdered pigment adheres to the glue for a beautiful, soft image. For the same effect, but with added shimmer, try it with Perfect Pearls!

Technique: Sticky Glue Pad + Foil

The Sticky Glue Pad works with foils! How cool is that? Here I applied the glue pad using a stencil, placed a sheet of foil on top and ran it through my laminator. I peeled the foil sheet and revealed the metallic impression! Then I repositioned the stencil, added a second layer of glue and foil and ran through the laminator again for even more dimension and shine. Imagine the foiling possibilities!

We love trying out new products for you and teaching you all of the new techniques we discover. Hope this quick tutorial inspires you to add the Sticky Glue Pad to your stash and don't forget to check out all of the other Brutus Monroe products Christopher Alan shows off in the above video!

Happy Crafting,