NEW! Blitsy + Illustrated Faith Exclusive Bible Journaling Kit

Posted by Meghan

Start connecting with your bible in a fresh and creative way! We've team up with Illustrated faith to bring you an exclusive Blitsy Bundle Bible Journal Kit. This kit includes everything you need to embrace your creativtry and engage with scripture in a new and exciring way!

Getting Started in Bible Journaling

Have you heard of bible journaling? It's a major trend right now that pairs creativity and journaling to engage in scripture. Many people are turning to bible journaling as a new way to connect with God. Instead of just reading your bible and going through the motions, you can bring out your creativity with paints, washi tape, pens, and more!

What's great about bible journaling is there are no rules. You can use colors and creativity to document your feeling and emotions to reflect what speaks to you. Since there are no rules, you can journal in the margins of your bible, or decorate an entire page to emphasis a bible passage that speaks to you. Anyone can bible journal; you don't need to be an artist to express your devotion or meditate on God's word.

If you've never bible journaled before you may be feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed on how to get started. We've partnered with Illustrated Faith on an exclusive Blitsy Bundle Bible Journal Starter kit. This kit has everything you need to dive right in so you don't have to do the legwork on researching which supplies to grab; we've already done the work for you. All you need to do it grab the kit and get creative!

Here's What You Get in the Bundle:

  • Bible Book tabs
  • Tape Runner
  • Ink Pad
  • Date It Stamp
  • Clear Stamps Books of the bible
  • A Roll of Cris Cross Washi Tape
  • Clear Acrylic Block
  • Precision Pen
  • 5 Paint Cards
  • 6 tubes of Shanna's Favorite High Viscosity Acrylic Paint

Using All of the Supplies in Your Bible

When we teamed up with Illustrated Faith to create this exclusive Bible Journal Bundle we wanted to include all of the basic supplies so you can hit the ground running. All of the products included work together and allow you to add color and creativity to your bible.

The acrylic paints allow you to easily add vibrant splashes of color to the pages in your bible. You can create cool effects when you use the paint cards along with the paints. Washi tape is such a versatile crafting supply. It can be used to add detail to anything! The roll of washi tape included can be used under your favorite passage to highlight it, or to decorate your pages. The Illustrated Faith Tape Runner allows you to quickly add any die cuts or embellishments to your bible. Adding these little bits of detail can take your page to the next level!

The precision pen in the kit is great for drawing in the margins of your bible. Since the nib is fine, It's perfect for underlining, drawing, and doodling. You will always be grabbing for this pen as you document your devotions and jot down any important words or phrases you want to reflect on. We all love stamps, right? The Books of the Bible Stamps were made specifically to be used in your bible. They include the books of the bible along with numbers and characters so you can document the verse that speaks to you. Since we've thought of everything, we've also included an acrylic block for your clear stamps and a black ink pad! To finish off your page, use the Date It Rotary Stamp to document moments in your life and passages you love. The rotary stamp also has a section with icons like hearts that can be used to decorate your page.

The new way to engage with your bible and reflect on scripture is through bible journaling. By expressing your love of God and gratitude through creativity, you'll be able to have a deeper connection with your bible. We've made it easy for you to get started in bible journaling with our exclusive Blitsy + Illustrated Faith Exclusive Bible Journaling Kit. It's time to let your faith come alive through creativity!

Happy Crafting!