Mixed Media Must-Have: Glass Bead Medium

Posted by Meghan

This glass bead medium is just what you need for your mixed media projects. You can add gorgeous sparkle, shine, and texture to your projects in minutes!

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Faber Castell Glass Bead Medium

If you are a fan of mixed media, you know how important different mediums are when creating unique pieces of art. Adding texture and layers is the whole point of mixed medium, right? Now, you may already have gesso, a gel medium, and texture pastes in your stash, but what about a glass bead medium? If you don't have this, trust me you are going to want to add this guy stat!

Faber Castell has numerous mediums to choose from that are great to incorporate into your mixed media projects. The Glass Bead Glitter Gel is a glitter lovers dream! There are clear round beads paired with glitter in this medium so it sparkles and reflects light and color. What's also great about this medium is it can be tinted for a range of color effects allowing you to customize it to any project. You can also pair this glass bead medium with stencils to create unique textures!

If you are looking to expand your mixed media supplies the Glass Bead Glitter Gel is a must-have. This glass bead medium will add extra shimmer, shine, and texture to your next mixed media project!

Happy Crafting!