Make an Embossed Card That Really Pops

Posted by Meghan

Not only can you create a cool embossed card using an embossing folder, but you can make it really pop with a splash of watercolor! You'll love how easy this technique is to execute.

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Using an Embossing Folder to Create Texture

If you are a papercrafter, or want to get into papercrafting, an embossing folder is a supply you'll want to have handy. Embossing folders make it easy to created raised (or recessed) images, shapes, and patterns onto paper. Having the ability to add this kind of detail to a card will take it to the next level. You have probably seen a card or two with this type raised detail and wondered how in the world it was created. Now you know that a simple crafting can easily give you beautiful results!

Chrissy Tobas, one of our past creative team members, shows you how to take the embossed look you get from an embossing folder even further with her cool watercolor technique. By adding watercolor over the embossed image, you are able to really pop out the design. Follow the steps in Chrissy's video to see how easy this technique is to execute. When you are finished, you'll be left you with an embossed card that will have people asking: "How did she/he do that??".

So, if you're ready to create your own embossed card that shines, this embossing folder is similar to the one Christy used. You can use her watercolor technique to really make theses flowers pop!

Happy Crafting!