How To Use Adhesive Stencils To Add Texture To Mixed Media

Posted by Claudia

Ice Layers are adhesive stencils from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft that can be used in a variety of ways to add dimension and texture. Learn more about what they are and five ways to use them on your next mixed media creation!

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More About Ice Layers

When I first saw Ice Layers, I was intrigued and excited to start experimenting with them because I'd never seen anything quite like them. They are thick stencils that feel raised and have a sticky back. When you peel away the liners you realize that the clear, patterned texture does indeed look like ice. Ice Layers can be used as stencils with paints, Gelatos Colors and Textural Accents. They come in a variety of patterns and add unique textured designs to mixed media projects, or you can use them to create resist techniques. Utilize the entire sheet several times or cut it into pieces and incorporate into your project for dynamic compositions. They are so fun and versatile you'll want to grab one in each design. Below is a more detailed list of how I used them in the video above.

5 Ways To Use Ice Layers

Here are 5 fun and easy ways to use the Ice Layer Stencils from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft:

1. Add some color with Gelatos and water.
Place Ice Layer on watercolor paper. Scribble on the stencil using desired Gelatos. Use a sponge (or brush) dipped in water to blend the gelatos. Peel away Ice Layer to reveal a multicolor design.

2. Add some texture with Texture Luxe.
Position your stencil and use your finger or a spatula to apply Texture Luxe through the design. Peel away stencil to reveal a metallic design.

3. Place over Gelato wash and create a resist with water and/or baby wipes.
Generously apply several colors of Gelatos onto a sheet of watercolor paper. Use a brush and water to blend the Gelatos, creating a multicolor wash. Position Ice Layer onto paper and use water to wipe away the Gelatos from the stencil cutouts. This will create a subtle resist. If you'd like a more drastic resist look, use a baby wipe to remove the color from your paper through the stencil.

4. Apply Gelatos and water, imprint reverse onto wet paper.
Scribble directly on Ice Layer with several Gelatos and spritz surface generously with water. Spritz a piece of watercolor paper with water as well and press the wet paper onto the stencil to create an impression of the raised part of the stencil design.

5. Adhere parts of the lce Layer for extra texture.
Once you have used your Ice Layer to create stencil techniques, cut apart the actual stencil and adhere to your project using adhesive or a gel medium. The raised texture of the Ice Layer becomes part of your composition creating a unique look.

I hope you have as much fun as I did experimenting with Ice Layers! You'll see it's a cinch to create multiple backgrounds in no time. And don't forget to check out all of the other new mixed media goodies from Faber Castell Design Memory Craft!

Happy Crafting,