DIY Pom Pom Foxes

Posted by Claudia

Feelin' foxy? Learn how to create fun fox friends with yarn and a pom pom maker! This quick DIY project will have you making your own furry friends in no time at all! Which animal would you make?



  1. Wrap first color of halfway around one side of the pom pom maker
  2. Cut yarn & switch to your second color, continuing to wrap
  3. Close pom pom maker & flip to other side
  4. Repeat the process with both colors of yarn
  5. Cut yarn through the groove in the middle of the pom pom maker and tie in the center
  6. Trim pom pom, evening out the edges and shaping into a fox nose
  7. Draw ears on your felt pieces
  8. Glue ears, eyes and nose on to complete your fox