Create Unique Looks With New Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pads

Posted by Claudia

Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pads combine water-reactive dye ink and pigment ink into one formula making it easy to create wonderful oxidized effects just by adding water.

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About Tim Holtz Distress Oxides

Distress Oxides combine properties of both dye and pigment inks to create a unique, matte, chalky finish that oxidizes when sprayed with water. The areas that come in contact with water become lighter and look almost illuminated. By adding and drying multiple layers of ink and water, you get a really cool oxidized metal look. While the original Distress Inks are much more translucent, the chalky hybrid formula of Distress Oxides shows up on both dark and light paper. Below are a few ways to get started but as you'll see, the best way to work with these is to dive right in and play around with the inks and water. You'll see how easy it is to create a variety of looks from soft oxidized pastels to a deeply saturated, rust-like backgrounds.

Technique 1: Ink Smooshed Background

I love the watercolor effect you can get by using this Ink Smooshed Background technique!

Step 1: Choose a few colors of Distress Oxide Ink pads and put some ink down on your craft mat. There's no need to be exact and don't worry too much about overlapping colors!

Step 2: Spritz the inks with a water bottle (we love the Distress Sprayer) to activate your colors.

Step 3: Take your Watercolor Cardstock and smoosh it down into the inks. The beauty of this technique is there is no right or wrong way to smoosh it down, just move your paper around to blend the colors.

Step 4: Hit the background with your heat tool to dry the inks

Step 5. Dab your background back onto the inks to pick up some more color - then dab that color with a paper towel to pick up some of the ink

Technique 2: Direct to Paper Background

The Distress Oxide Inks have a raised felt pad, which makes direct to paper techniques fun and easy! The colors I chose gave a cool galaxy background effect, but you can do this with any color combo you choose.

Step 1: Apply Distress Oxides to your Watercolor Cardstock directly from the ink pad onto the paper. To achieve the same look I did you'll want three large stripes of color across your cardstock

Step 2: Use your Spritzer to apply larger water droplets to the background. Practice the amount of pressure on your water bottle to get larger droplets of water (or for whatever look your going for)

Step 3: Dry your background with your heat tool while simultaneously dabbing the background with a paper towel

Step 4: Add more color to your background (direct from pad to paper), spritz with more water, and pick up excess water with your paper towel by dabbing

Technique 3: Distress Oxide Background on Dark Cardstock

Distress Oxides look fabulous on Dark Cardstock, too! Here's how I created the 3rd background from the video above.

Step 1: Choose your Distress Oxide Ink colors and put them down on your craft mat directly from the pad

Step 2: Activate your inks by spritzing them with water

Step 3: Use a Paint Brushes or a Splatter Brush to flick droplets of ink onto the Dark Cardstock. Repeat with multiple colors

Step 4: Let air dry or use your heat tool to speed it up!

These inks are so much fun to work with and you'll find spraying them with water creates a unique effect every time! Which technique is your favorite? Leave us a comment on this Facebook or Instagram post letting us know!

Happy Crafting!