Colorful Bible Journal Page

Posted by Meghan

Use paints, washi tape, and more to add creative touches to your Bible. This colorful Bible journal page really pops!

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Getting Creative in Your Bible

Adding color to your Bible can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are new to the idea of Bible journaling. Here at Blitsy we want to make it super simple to dive into this new creative trend. We've created a bundle that has everything you need to get started on your Bible journaling journey or expand your current stash. You can use all of these products together to create a colorful page in your Bible. I think my favorite part of creating this page was using the paint cards with the acrylic paint!

Here's How to Create a Colorful Page in Your Bible

Step 1: First, find a page in your Bible that speaks to you or you want to highlight with some color and creativity.

Step 2: Add a small drop of paint onto your paint card, place it on your page, pulling the color down. Add additional paint to your page using the card to spread it around.

Step 3: Add white on top of the paint card and use the end of a paint brush to add dots to the orange paint.

Step 4: Spread yellow paint over your verse to highlight it.

Step 5: Use your finger to spread pink paint in a circle on a piece of white paper. Let it dry.

Step 6: Add washi tape to the top and bottom of your page.

Step 7: Add any words or phrases that stand out to you.

Step 8: Stamp the book and the verse at the bottom.

Step 9: Under the verse, add the date. Ink the heart stamp and add hearts to your design.

Step 10: Use your pen to add detail to your pink circles. Cut them out and glue them to your bible. Draw leaves on each flower.

Getting creative in your Bible is super easy, especially when you use the bundle we've curated. Connecting with your Bible in a creative way has never been easier; add splashes of color and watch as your faith comes alive!

Happy Crafting!