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Tool N' One

by Spellbinders

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Eliminate fussing with detailed dies

Are you constantly having to recut pieces because they were torn or damaged Do you have dies that you don't want to use because they're such a pain Turn to the Tool N' One from Spellbinders to help streamline the process and put those dies back into use. The Tool N' One has a brush on one end that helps dislodge and remove paper stuck to the die, while the other end is interchangeable. Store unused tips in the body of the tool. Beyond paper crafts, the Tool N' One is also useful for other crafts and hobbies that involve small pieces and parts, such as miniatures and model cars and airplanes.


  • Comes with brush, piecer, and spatula
  • Performs myriad functions
  • Stores unused tips
  • Portable


  • The Tool N' One is approximately 1
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