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Talens - Van Gogh Watercolor Set - 10-Color Tube Set

by Rembrandt

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These transparent, intense watercolors have a high degree of lightfastness. The colors in these sets may be easily mixed and washed to create fine nuances.

The 12-color palette set contains permanent red light, madder lake deep, permanent lemon yellow, azo yellow medium, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, ultramarine deep, permanent green, viridian, Payne's gray, burnt sienna and Chinese white in 10ml tubes, a Van Gogh pointed round #6 nylon brush and a sponge.
The 18-color half pan set contains 18 half pans including permanent lemon yellow, azo yellow light, azo yellow deep, vermilion, permanent red deep, madder lake deep, quinacridone rose, cobalt blue ultramarine, ultramarine deep, Prussian blue, permanent green, Hooker's green deep, viridian, sap green, burnt sienna, sepia, burnt umber and yellow ochre red and two 10ml tubes of Chinese white and Payne's gray.
The 10-color tube set includes Chinese white, permanent lemon yellow, azo yellow medium, madder lake deep, permanent red light, burnt sienna, ultramarine deep, cerulean blue (pthalo), viridian and Payne's gray in 10ml tubes.
The 12-color metal pocket set contains 12 half-pans including Chinese white, azo yellow medium, permanent red light, madder lake deep red, permanent lemon yellow, ultramarine deep, cerulean blue pthalo, sap green, viridian, yellow ochre, burnt sienna and Payne's gray and one #6 synthetic round collapsible travel brush.
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