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Bamboo Crochet Hook - Size S/19mm

by ChiaoGoo

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ChiaoGoo All-Bamboo Crochet Hooks are naturally colored hooks that have the size permanently laser etched as well as a Chinese blessing for hours and hours of fun and relaxing crocheting. The tapered hook features a precisely placed hold for comfort in the hand. Available in sizes E3/3.5mm, F5/3.75mm, G6/4mm, H8/5mm, I9/5.5mm, J10/6mm, K10.5/6.5mm, L11/8mm, M13/9mm, N15/10mm, P/11.5mm, and jumbo sizes Q/15.75mm, R/17mm, S/19mm, T/22mm, and U/25.
SKU: BC00307272

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