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Eights Measuring & Scoring Board with Grooves

by Scor-Pal

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Paper crafters, meet your new BFF!

With the Scor-Pal Eighths Measuring and Scoring Board, be prepared to make cards so professional you will fool everyone into thinking you actually remembered their birthday and DIDN'T make just the card at the last minute while running out the door. With a 12 x 12 inch slightly textured surface and raised fences along three sides, this Scor-Pal Scoring Board is the perfect size for any cardmaking and papercrafting project. Colored ruler markings run along the top, left, and right sides as well to make aligning your paper a breeze--even for left-handers! The Scoring Board also has specialty 1/8 grooves running across the board from zero to twelve inches to help you create multiple scores in mere seconds. Heavy-grade cardstock paper No problem! The unique Scor-Tool scoring tool fits the grooves perfectly, allowing cardstock to be scored precisely with no worry of tearing your paper! When not in use, the Scor-Tool stores securely at the top of the board, alongside a handy magnetized area to keep your metal brads and embellishments close.


  • Quick, precise scoring--even with heavy grade paper
  • 12 x 12 slightly texture surface with raised edges on top, left, and right sides
  • Colored ruler markings along the top, left, and right sides for easy measuring at a glance
  • Specialty 1/8 scoring tool grooves running from zero to 12 inches
  • Unique Scor-Tool scoring tool included, safely stores at top of Scoring Board
  • Magnetized area to keep metal embellishments close by


  • The Scor-Pal Eighths Measuring and Scoring Board is made of a heavy-duty plastic with an inserted magnet near the Scor-Tool storage slot. The Scor-Tool is made of a special polymer hard enough to score without tearing.


  • The Scor-Pal Eighths Measuring and Scoring Board measures 14x12-3/4 inch with a 12x12 measuring and scoring surface.
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