Three Sixty

Special Edition Watercolor Set of 12 - 5 ml

by Daniel Smith

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Creativity abounds with this unique collection. The 12-color 5ml set combines the basic primaries in the Essentials Set and the exotic mineral paints in the PrimaTek Set. Colors included in set are pthalo blue (GS), French ultramarine, pyrrole scarlet, quinacridone rose, new gamboge, hansa yellow light, hematite genuine, piemontite genuine, Mayan blue genuine, amethyst genuine, jadeite genuine and rhodonite genuine. The 10-Color Alvaro Castagnet's Master Artist Set includes hansa yellow deep, Mayan orange, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, viridian, yellow ochre, burnt sienna light, neutral tint, deep scarlet and pyrrole red. Then go beyond and explore the entire Daniel Smith watercolor palette with the FREE Daniel Smith 238-color dot card included with each set.
SKU: BC00254865