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Scor-Tape - 2" x 27yd

by Scor-Pal

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No Fuss, No Muss!

Scor-Tape is the best product on the market! We know that this sounds like a mighty bold claim...but it is TRUE!

Scor-Tape is a premium double sided adhesive which is acid free, heat resistant and incredibly sticky. It is the perfect permanent adhesive for card making, boxes, books and Iris Folding.

Scor-Tape is much easier to use than liquid glue, it can be used with embossing powders, foils, beads, glitter, ribbon, etc.

Unlike other tapes, Scor-Tape is paper backed which means you can tear it with your thumb and finger. No need for scissors or a blade. (Do you hear angels singing) Since it is backed with paper, Scor-Tape is eco-friendly.! WooHoo!

All rolls are 27 yards long, so they are exceptional value. There wide variety of sizes available 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 5" and 6" sizes. In addition, there are 6" x 6" sheets and 8 1/2" x 11" sheets which are perfect for making die cuts which you can then glitter or emboss.


  • Mess Free, Fuss Free
  • Incredibly sticky ideal for 3D projects
  • Perfect to use with multiple mediums such as powders, foils, glitters, beads, ribbons and much much more
  • Easy to tear (no need for scissors or a blade)
  • Heat Resistant
  • Heat Embossable
  • Non-static
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Exceptional Value
  • 27 yards long
  • Available in over a dozen sizes including die-cuttable sheets


  • Clear premium double sided adhesive
  • Paper


  • 2in x 7yd
SKU: BC00243212

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