Three Sixty

Cutup Self-Healing Mat 18" x 24"

by American Crafts

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Need a versatile cutting mat Look no further!

Most crafters need a cutting mat. Why Because making cuts in your dining room table/craft table/desk will ruin your furniture and your blade! This mat prevents that from happening. It is very thick and can be used on either side. Ruling lines are on both sides as well so you can be sure a straight and measured cut is made. It can be used with paper and fabric and with a variety of cutting tools. Making a quilt Use it with your rotary blade. Making a scrapbook page or card Use your straight edge blade or cutting tool. Setting eyelets or making holes for brads, etc Use your setting tools. This mat is extremely useful!


  • white lines on one side (for dark paper) and black on the opposite side (for lighter papers)
  • ruled on all four edges with 1/8 inch and 1 mm increments
  • horizontal and vertical lines are every 1/4 inch


  • self healing plastic material


  • 25 5/8 inches by 17 3/4 inches
SKU: BC00226996

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