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Gemini Plastic Shim

by Crafter's Companion

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Say good-bye to frustrations and ruined partial die cuts with the Gemini Plastic Shim. Don't you hate it when you crank you die through your machine only to discover that no matter how many time your roll it back and forth, you still end up with an incomplete cut. UGH! The Gemini Plastic Shim is the answer that you have been waiting for. The simple design of this shim will help you achieve perfect detailed and intricate die cuts with ease. You just add this handy accessory to your die cutting sandwich and VOILA! Due to its large surface space, this shim is designed for use with the Gemini Die Cutter and Embosser. (Sold Separately)

This amazing addition will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

TIP To care for your plates, please flip and rotate after each pass. If the plate does start to bow, flip over and pass through until it is flat again, then continue to flip and rotate as normal


  • Take the frustration out of cutting intricate and detailed dies
  • Use to make clean and crisp die cuts
  • Help to cut detailed and intricate dies with ease
  • Large design
  • For use with Gemini Die Cutter and Embosser (sold separately)
  • Crystal Clear for better placement
  • Imported


  • Clear Plastic


  • Package contains ONE 12.5 x 9 inch shim
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