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Christine Adolph Watercolor Resist Pen - 1.25 oz

by Prima Marketing

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Do not RESIST the urge to try the Prima Watercolor Resist Pen by Christine Adolph. It is absolutely perfect for masking off your watercolor color paintings in a snap.

The precision tip of this fine line bottle pen makes it easy to fill in areas or to create unique designs and lettering. Simply draw or write with the pen, allow time for the fluid to dry. Once dried, add your watercolor or paint. Now you're ready for some magic. Just peel or rub off to reveal the white resist lines. Voila!

PSST! If you do not want or feel like removing the masking fluid, try adhereing foil on the tacky surface of the masking fluid to create a shiny metallic alternative. (You"ll thank us later!)

If you have never tired masking fluid before, give the Prima watercolor resist pen a whirl. It is so easy to use with the precision tip and with a built in pin in the lid to keep the tip from clogging, there is no fuss, no muss.


  • Masking fluid allows you to protect your surface from unwated paint or pigments
  • Blue tinted masking fluid makes it easy to see and gaugae dryness
  • Precision tip applicator for control and mess free application
  • Masking fluid allows you to protect your surface from unwated paint or pigments
  • Built in pin in the tip to prevent clogging
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Acid Free
  • Non-toxic


  • Fine tip metal applicator w/ declogging pin
  • Liquid Resist (latex)


  • One 1.25 fl. oz bottle with fine tip anti-clog applicator
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