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Finnabair Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel - Transparent

by Prima Marketing

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Art Basics 3D Transparent Gloss Gel

What the heck is this stuffHow do I use itDo I really need to buy it

These are all excelent questions! Let's start at the top, shall weThe Art Basics 3D Transparent Gloss Gel I a really neat medium that can be used for different applications.

This Gloss Gel medium is a "Heavy Body" acrylic medium. Basically this is a Fancy Schmancy "Artsy" way of sying that it is "thick." This is great for mixing with pgments, paints, sprays and inks to add dimension and texture to your projects

It is also water-based acrylic medium which can be used all by itself. It goes on opaque and white, however when dry, is flexible, transparent, permanent and clear with a glossy finish. This is perfect to add some dimension and texture without changing the look or color of what you are applying on.

Another neat application of this 3D Transparent Gloss Gel is that it can be used as an adhesive! ADHESIVE! This medium is especially excellent for adhereing heavier and bulkier embellishments to your project as well as creating collages.

The application of this product could not be any easier! Simply add this heavy-bodied medium with a palette knife or a teture tool. (sold separately, but you can even use a plastic knife or a popcicle stick.) Just spread it on as thick or as thin as you want. Whatever makes your heart happy. This is a great use for all of those stencils you have been hording in your collection. (hint-hint)

Here are a few interesting and important things to note

  • 1. Remember to clean off your stencils, tools and work surface immediately after use. (Remember that adhesive property Umm yeah...don't ask us how we know) and along those same lines...
  • 2. Make sure to keep the lid tighly sealed and do not expose it to air for very long.
  • 3. Drying time can be sped up by using a heat tool (sold separately)
  • 4. It is Non-Toxic
  • 5. It is Arhival-Safe
  • 6. It is water-Based
  • 7. it conforms to ASTM d 4236
  • Do not be intimidated by this product! It is actually very user friendly, easy to apply and most of all it is SUPER fun to use! You will soon find that you will wonder how you ever lived without it! So why don't you pick some up with your order and give it a whirl Go ahead and just click that "Add to Cart" button.


    • Goes on white but dries clear and glossy
    • Heavy-Bodied (aka it thick and will hold its shape)
    • Can be used and an excellent and strong adhesive
    • Great for collages and bible journaling
    • Makes a great thick base for custom gels and paints
    • Drying time can be sped up with the use of a Heat Tool (sold separately)
    • Water-Based
    • Arhival-Safe
    • Easy to apply
    • Conforms to ASTM d 4236
    • Made in the USA


    • Water-Based Acyrlic medium
    • Plastic jar


    • 8 oz plastic jar
    SKU: BC00193969