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Mini Glue Dot Sheets - Pack of 252

by Glue Dots

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Glue Dots Mini provide freedom and flexibility while crafting. The double-sided adhesive is easy to use. Each dot comes on its own individual square so you dont have to fear they will stick together. They are stored in a resealable pouch to make it simple to get them out for use. It offers a permanent adhesive that will make sure little items stay where you want them. Glue Dots work great on most materials - use them on paper, plastics, metals, wood, foam, fabrics and more. They provide a fantastic hold for tiny die cuts, buttons, charms, fibers, jewels or ribbons. Glue Dots are so easy even children can use them. Youll receive 252 clear Glue Dots in this package. Each dot measures 3/16. They are acid-free and non-toxic. The instant super bond is very strong.
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