Three Sixty

Artist Heavy Body Acrylic Tube Set of 12 - 60 ml - Standard

by Holbein

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These high quality, heavy body artist acrylics have been designed to add more luster and brilliance to paintings. They can be thinned with water, or Holbein Acrylic Mediums and even scrumbed as a thin dry brush layer. The acrylic body will retain any peaks or ridges created when applied in thick applications. These acrylics meet the demands of the modern artist, whether painting small, large, opaque or transparent. The Standard 12-Color Set includes naphthaol red deep, naphthaol red light, hansa yellow light, yellow ochre, pthalo green, middle green, pthalo blue, ultramarine blue, dioxazine violet, burnt sienna, mars black and titanium white.
SKU: BC00138156