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Color Tones Marker Deluxe Set - 22 Colors

by Chameleon

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Chameleon color tones pens will give you the ultimate art experience!

Chameleon color tones pens are alcohol-based pens that give you the ability to change the color tone of your pens, to create stunning effects, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations, and blending. This unique pen goes from a light hint of tint to rich tones of color, eliminating tonal gaps. Compatible with other alcohol-based inks, this pen is non-toxic, has a low odor, and is ideal for all paper crafts, manga, graphic, and fine art. Set of 22 pens comes in a plastic case.


  • Chameleon color tones pens
  • Alcohol-based pens
  • Change the color tone of your pen to create stunning effects
  • Non-toxic
  • Low odor
  • Ideal for all paper crafts, manga, graphic, and fine art
  • 22 piece deluxe includes colors RD4, OR4, YO3, YL2, YG3, GR3, BG4, BL6, BL3, BV4, VO4, PR4, OL3, BR5, BR2, BK4, CG8, NU1, PK3, and NU3
  • Includes blending pen, detail pen, replacement nibs, instructions, idea guide, and plastic case


  • Alcohol-based ink pens


  • Standard
SKU: BC00121322

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