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Gallery Glass Window Color 2oz - Crystal Clear (No Tint) Crystal Clear (No Tint)

by Plaid

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Bring a little bit of the Notre Dame Cathedral to your home with DIY Stained Glass

Who does not love the artistry behind iconic works of art which grace some of the world's most historical and gorgeous cathedrals Bringing this timeless look into your home could not be any easier. Gallery Glass makes it super easy to create the stunning look of sparkling stained glass windows with two quick and easy steps. Yup! That's right! Two quick and easy steps,outline and paint! Gallery Glass has an assortment on 26 colors which dry to a textured finish that resembles the look of cathedral stained glass!

Gallery Glass is non-toxic and waterbased which makes cleanup a breeze!.

Made in the USA.

This color is Crystal Clear w/ no tint


  • Easy to use
  • Crystal Clear w/no tint
  • For use on multiple surfaces
  • Can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Waterbased
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in the USA


  • Non-toxic waterbased paint


  • 2 ounce bottle
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