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Zenbroidery Stamped Embroidery 10'' x 16'' - Cat Mandala

by Design Works

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Zen with endless color!!!

Who says adult coloring has to end with pencils, markers, crayons, or pens Why not pick some beautiful endless colors of embroidery floss and sew where your mind will take you. Possibilities are endless with Zenbroidery Stamped Embroidery fabric stamped imagery. Combine pastels, neutrals, brights, shimmery and more of embroidering floss to these exquisit images. With a great imagination and the endless color combinations it will only end up a beautiful work of art. You don't have to be experienced to attempt to create one of these. Beginners don't fret!!


  • Detailed Black Image on Fabric
  • Mandala Cats


  • Fabric with Printed 10" X 16" design
  • One needle
  • Free-form stitching guide


  • 10" X 16" Design "Area"
SKU: BC00022798