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500 Series Hot Press Watercolor Paper Ready Cut Sheet - 8'' x 10''

by Strathmore

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There's no need to cut down larger sheets, and no wasted paper, these sheets of 500 Series Premium Watercolor paper are pre-cut into standard size sheets for readymade frames and mats. The paper is 100 cotton, archival, lignin- and acid-free, and available in cold and hot press finishes. The 5" x 7" fits standard 8" x 10" frames and mats, the 8" x 10" fits standard 11" x 14" frames and mats and the 11" x 14" fits standard 16" x 20" frames and mats. Sheets are packaged in a resealable polypropylene bag, providing protection and allowing the artist to store paper as it is used. Package also includes information and tips on painting to standard sizes.
SKU: BC00003020

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