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Art Printing Square Rubber Texture Plate - Twist

by Carabelle Studio

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Want to create a totally unique look, with a little help from Carabelle

This one is for you Mixed Media tragics out there. And for those wanting to give it a try but need a hand. These fun mix of designs have so many uses as a background. Make it totally yours by using it with different mediums such as inks or paints. The backgrounds you create will make fabulous additions to cards, journal pages, tags or any projects where you want to make an individual statement. Additionaly, you can even use the plate as a stamp - remember, though, the image will be reversed!


  • Created to use in print and monoprint applications.
  • Use with a Gel Press Plate (sold separately).
  • Helps in creating unique, individualised backgrounds for a variety of mixed media looks.


  • Rubber texture plate.


  • 6.5" x 6.5" inches..
SKU: BC00474329