Three Sixty

Weeding Tool Kit

by Cricut

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Make weeding quick, easy, and part of the fun of creating with the specialty Weeding Tool Set. Choose from 5 tools specifically designed for all your vinyl projects and even the most intricate cuts Fine Tweezers, Hook Tweezers, Weeder, Piercing Tool and Hook Weeder. The Fine Tweezers have long, fine tips to hold and lift slender, delicate vinyl strips. The Hook Tweezers help remove larger pieces. The classic Weeder has an angled tip for versatile use. The Piercing Tool helps lift or place cuts. Lastly, the Hook Weeder has a hooked end that provides the ideal angle for weeding trickier materials, such as glitter vinyl. Weeding has never been this much fun! Now you have a tool for every task, and vinyl, and your most detailed designs.
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