Three Sixty

Jane Davenport Cut & Emboss Machine

by Spellbinders

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Product Details

The teal Jane Davenport Deep Sea Die Cutter machine is covered in mermaids. It has a handle for carrying which tucks out of the way inside the machine. It offers a 6 inch cutting platform and the same performance as the Spellbinder's Platinum machine. With a solid steel core construction, it cuts up to six layers in a single pass when used with contour steel rule dies. Use wide range of thick to thin materials, from paper and cotton, to metal and balsa wood. Thicker materials may require use of contour steel rule dies.

Package includes

  • Machine
  • operation instruction booklet
  • standard platform
  • two hot pink cutting plates
  • one embossing plate
  • one embossing mat
  • one handle
SKU: BC00469931