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Blitsy + Tombow Planner Bundle

by Tombow

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Spring into the new year with this Blitsy Tombow Exclusive Planner Bundle! This bundle contains everything you need for drawing, color-coding, decorating planners, journals and notebooks and more! Create fun doodling and lettering styles from broad tips for bold lettering or filling in color to extra fine tips for small lettering and detailed doodling with these Pastel Dual Tip Markers. You'll receive 9 colors that you'll love! And with the Tombow Mono Drawing Pen Set, possibility is just a pen away. With three different tip sizes included to match your needs 01, 03 and 05, these powerful artist's pens are perfect for veterans and new hand letterers alike. The water-based, ordorless black ink produces smooth and skip-free drawing and writing with no smudging - the ink dries instantly! Gone are the days of inked hands and smudged paper. As an extra bonus you'll also receive the MONO Air Correction Tape with new Airtouch Technology that allows users to easily apply correction tape even with the lightest touch. Order your bundle today to start adding color to your journals, lettering, and doodles right away! Happy Crafting!
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