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The Happy Planner Sticker Value Pack - Memory Planning

by Me & My Big Ideas

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BIG stickers for recording life's little moments and big memories.

The Memory Planning sticker value pack, designed for the BIG sized Happy Planner, has hundreds of stickers to help you easily record your memories in a beautiful, colorful format. Use these stickers with your own photos, pictures and journaling to capture those moments which become your cherished memories. These stickers can be used for planning in your everyday Big Happy Planner but they have been tailored towards memory keeping. There are large matte stickers to journal on, stunning script words and sayings to prompt and inspire and stickers purely for fun decoration. Stickers are themed around memories, love, friends, weekends, family, food, celebrations, vacations and more! The gorgeous decorative stickers include flowers, party things and seriously the cutest teabag stickers!


  • A total of 472 stickers on 30 sticker sheets.
  • A selection of functional, inspirational and decorative stickers tailored towards memory keeping.
  • Stickers are designed to fit In the daily column of a Big size Happy Planner.
  • A variety of matte stickers, clear stickers and foiled stickers.
  • 14 clear sticker sheets.
  • 16 matte sticker sheets.
  • 7 sheets with foiling (4 matte and 3 clear).


  • The sticker sheets are adhesively bound on the top edge and inside a cardboard cover. There is an elastic band attached near the bottom of the sticker pack to help hold all the sheets within the cover.


  • 30 sheets of stickers.
  • Each sticker sheet is 4 inch x 9 inch (approx 12cm x 23cm).
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