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Carpe Diem Planner Inserts - Fitness

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Who said fitness wasn't fun?!

That awkward moment when you haven't made a dent in your 'get healthy' New Years Resolution, and its 6 months later... don't worry! These inserts will have you itching to get fit! The Carpe Diem a5 Fitness Inserts are perfect for all the planner peeps out there who enjoy excersize or at least want to try and get fit!). This amazingly fun and colourful 54 piece set comes with a range of fitness tracking inserts, progress trackers, storage pockets, dividers, stickers and more! Use the monthly tracker to see an overview of your nutrition and fitness goals - and celebrate at the end of the month, with a space to record your 'high-five' moments, biggest achievements and completed goals! Use the weekly section to meal plan, routine plan or to track vitamins and hydration! These planner inserts are totally customisable to your goals and lifestyle. The bright quotes sprinkled throughout these wonderful inserts are sure to keep you motivated and on track to achieving your fitness goals, and ensure your fitness planner is perfectly decorated and colour coordinated - #instaworthy. Pair these amazing inserts with a Carpe Diem a5 Planner for a match made in heaven!


  • 24 monthly fitness tracking inserts
  • 12 weekly fitness tracking inserts
  • 1 fitness progress tracker - keep track of your weight and measurements
  • 1 fun dashboard page
  • 6 adorable die cut dashboards - die cut into fun shapes that fit perfectly into your Carpe Diem a5 Planner
  • 1 storage pocket
  • 3 fun and functional a5 sticker sheets
  • 6 tabbed dividers - with laminated tabs for durablility
  • Fits perfectly into any Carpe Diem a5 planner (sold seperatly)


  • These inserts are printed on high quality paper, cardstock with laminated tabs (dividers) and adhesive backed sticker paper


  • a5 size inserts, designed to fit into any Carpe Diem a5 planner (sold seperatly)

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