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The Happy Planner Classic Planner Extension Pages - Budget

by Me & My Big Ideas

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Practical and pretty Fun and financial Savings and sassy

Can't get enough of the happiness that is your Happy Planner Now you can fix your finances, get your budget in order and save for the future with this Budget Extension pack. The seven dividers include messages like "Stop wishing and start doing" and "Live Well". The pack also includes thirty monthly budget planner pages and a savings goal page. There are also two sticker sheets and one pocket folder six month extension pack is the perfect solution. Your finances will soon be under control with Expense Tracker sheets, bill pay checklists and budget reviews. Everything comes pre-punched so all you need to do is snap them into your planner.


  • fits inside the Classic size Happy Planner (sold separately)
  • seven dividers with laminated tabs
  • thirty monthly budget planner pages
  • savings goal page
  • pre-punched
  • two sticker sheets


  • cardstock dividers
  • laminated tabs on the dividers
  • paper pages


  • 7" x 9.25"
SKU: BC00421597