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Shimmering Gems Color Burst Set

by Ken Oliver

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Add a little magic and create a stunning sheen with delicious drops of liquid metal.

Ken Oliver has done it again, with a fabulous product to support his Color Burst Powders. The Liquid Metals are designed to add a gorgeous metallic sheen to your watercolor projects. Add them as you play with the Color Burst Powders on your page. Mix and blend to create swirls of luxurious higlights in an overlay of metallic colors. Or simply add them with a brush to your already finished and dry project for a lovely finishing lustre. This set mimics the glorious, shimmering colors found in a range of gemstones, including red, blue and green tones.


  • Designed to create a shimmer and shine to your artsy watercolor projects
  • Created to blend with Color Burst powders and water for added metallic sheen
  • Use in a variety of techniques, including on finished artwork for highlights of color
  • Colors in pack Metallic Peridot, Turqoise, Coral, Ruby, Emerald and Quartz


  • A suspension of finely granulated metallic powder with a colorant in a dispensing liquid
  • Comes in a handy dropper bottle
  • Non toxic
  • Water based
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water


  • Pack of 6 colors based on gems
  • Each bottle is 0.5 fl oz
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