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Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Medium Point Ballpoint 2-Pen Set - Black

by Zebra

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Looking for an everyday tool that doesn't look or perform like one Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens delivers on all fronts value, performance, comfort and style. Available in multiple styles and formats.
Z-Grip Flight Pens have a bold (1.2mm) point for bold expressions and low viscosity ink for a silky writing experience. Available in stick and retractable formats.
Z-Grip Max Pens feature a medium (1mm) or bold (1.2mm) size with a translucent barrel to easily check ink levels and the barrel color makes it easy to determine ink color at a glance. Available as a retractable ballpoint pen.
Z-Grip Plus Pens have a medium (1mm) size and use low viscosity ink that combines quick ballpoint dry time and silky gel pen smoothness. Available as a retractable ballpoint pen.
Z-Grip Fashion Packs deliver on the same core performance of the leading Z-Grip Ballpoint in assorted colors that allow you to express yourself both on paper and in style.
SKU: BC00402121

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