Watercolor Art Journal With the Elegant Writer Calligraphy Pen

Did you know the Elegant Writer calligraphy marker by Speedball gives you a beautiful, organic watercolor effect? Come learn more!

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Hi Blitsy Fans! Carisa with you today and I am going to show you the most simple art journal page ever using 3 supplies. An awesome Donna Downey Studios stencils, a journal pen to do my writing and the star of today's show: the Elegant Writer calligraphy pen in black by Speedball. I saw this effect a couple months ago and I was so amazed, I ran out to get one myself. I honestly didn't believe that this simple black marker was so magical! I have to wonder if this is one of those unintentional side effects to a product or if it was made to react like this - I have no idea, but the fun thing is that it does and I can't wait to show you today. This Elegant Writer is water reactive so it will start to bleed when it gets wet (don't use it to address your envelopes! haha) However, when it does, you get the most beautiful variations of color from blues and teals to pinks, magenta and purple. It's absolutely stunning! I can't wait to show you in my process video below because I just can't describe it - you have to see it to believe it!

Today I am working in my Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal. This is the 5.5x8" (you know how I love to keep it small!) and the pages are 140 lb. weight. I am also trying to challenge myself to do more actual handwritten journaling in my art journals. So many times, I just leave that off and it's deeply personal why I choose not to write in my journals. However, thanks to Dina Wakley's Art Journal books, I am trying to break free from that chain to express myself through the written word as well. Now, do I want people to be able to read that - probably never - so I am also going to show you a pretty cool technique on how to disguise your writing without having to cover it up with layers of paint or other mediums. Let's get started!

Join me in my studio!

Supply List:

Strathmore Visual Journal Spiral Bound 5.5" x 8" 140# Watercolor

Speedball Elegant Writer Calligraphy Marker (Black)

Donna Downey Studios Stencils (Finding Strength)

Silver Black Velvet 3000S Round Size 6 Watercolor Brush (Try a watercolor brush)

Pilot Multiball Pen (black)

Close up:

Thank you for stopping by today and I sometimes wonder if I've been living under a rock and everyone has always known these Elegant Writers create such pretty watercolor effects! Either way, if you knew or didn't know, I hope I have inspired you to take a look at this awesome marker in a new way and will give it a try in your own art journals. I think it would be pretty on a card as well or even used to create a background around your quotes if you happen to love lettering as well!