How to use Acrylic Glazing in Mixed Media

Taking a background with a lot of texture on it, using a glaze to create some interesting distressed effects.

Hi Blitsy Fans!

Today I am taking one of the backgrounds we created from the 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Art Journal Page and showing you had a highly textured background can be distressed by using a glazing technique. Glazing medium essential extends the working time of your acrylic paint. The way I'm using it today is to add a little bit of distressing around the more textured areas on the background already created. You can use it under all your layers or over and I decided today that I would use it as a base layer for everything else. After you mix the glazing medium with paint (about a 1:1 ratio - the more you add the longer it takes to dry and the less opaque your paint will be) use a paint brush to apply it all over the page. Allow it to settle and set for about one to two minutes. Then using a damp cloth or baby wipe (my personal preference since I generally have an abundance on hand haha) begin to wipe areas off your page. It is usually pretty easy to wipe off as you do so use a clean part of your cloth to remove more of the color if you desire. I am usually pretty conservative with this process, I'm going to admit it's kinda scary putting the glaze all of your page so I build it up layer by layer until I'm happy. Then I will add my other layers of paints, sprays and lettering until I'm done. I hope you will find the process video helpful and inspiring below.


  • Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic (Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold, Quinacridone Magenta, Teal, Carbon Black)
  • DecoArt Media Mister (Carbon Black, Shimmer White )
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink Black
  • Uniball White Gel Pen
  • Liquitex White Gesso
  • Donna Downey Signature Stencil Scribble Script
  • Pentel Color Brush Pen - Black
  • Punchenella

Close Ups:

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you will give acrylic glazing medium a try in your mixed media. It's such a great effect and even works great for any paints that have started to dry out to bring them back to life.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!