Handmade Art Journal Using the Happy Planner Disc System

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Hi Blitsy Fans!

Today I want to share with you a fast and easy way to create your own art journal. This is inspired by Dina Wakley's way of creating fast backgrounds and her amazing use of white space. She is an artist that inspires me in so many ways and this idea is brilliant. I added my own spin by creating the pages to be removable using the Happy Planner Disc Binding System. I love having the option to remove pages so that I can easily work on them on a flat surface rather than having the binding in the way like your usual spiral bound journals. I started by using 6 sheets of Fabriano Studio Watercolor 140lbs Cold Press Watercolor Paper. I tested it first to make sure the Happy Planner Punch would work and thankfully it did so then I was all set to get creating on my backgrounds. I chose a palette of warm and cool colors by Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic Paint with her Mica Sprays. I wanted a variety of colors and backgrounds in my journal so I did some with the warm colors and some with the cool colors. For some of the pages, I sprayed clean water on the watercolor paper before adding the paint and others I just applied the paint directly to the dry watercolor paper then added water to let the colors move and spread into each other. I kept this process very loose and organic. Other than choosing the paint colors, I let the process of creating the backgrounds happen rather than force it. I also used some Prima Marketing texture paint brushes to add some interested to a few of the pages.

Once all my backgrounds were created and allowed to dry naturally, I used my paper cutter to slice each 9x12 sheet in half making them 6x9 for the art journal. Then I placed each sheet individually into the Happy Planner Punch and created the notches to fit the disc system. After that was completed, it was just a matter of adding them to the discs. I decorated my cover using some stickers and rub ons by Pebbles, Inc. and my journal is all set for creating. To see how this process came along, I filmed it for you below.

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Close ups:

Creating this art journal has so inspired me, I couldn't wait to get to sketching on the pages as you can see above. The hard work is seriously already done by creating a bunch of backgrounds at once. I see this laying on my desk, start flipping through the pages and can't wait to create on it. I hope this inspires you, too and encourages you to get out your favorite paint colors to create some fast background pages and bind them in this fun Happy Planner system. I love being able to pull the pages out when I work on them.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!