Easy Flower-Topper Party Favor Boxes

Posted by Morena Hockley
Turn paper mache boxes into sweet & easy party favors in minutes.

I just adore using small boxes to make pretty little favor boxes for my party guests. I showed you in this post how you can make faux gilded boxes with labels. This project is even simpler: use washi tape and transform the plain boxes into cute, flowery favors.

  • Supplies:
  • Craft Ped Paper Mache Box Bitty Pkg Rnd Kraft 6pc
  • Washi Tape
  • Glubers
  • Ribbon

I made a short, fun video where you can see exactly how to make this treat box. You can easily make several in an hour and have fun take home gifts for party guests. Check out this short how to video and see how simple and fun it is to make flower topped party favor boxes!

Take the lid off the box, and wrap the lip of the lid with washi tape. Wrap the bottom of the box with tape, also, amd cover the bottom if desired.

Choose the correct size Gluber for the lid. A Gluber is like a giant glue dot, and it makes it easy to create ribbon flowers! Attach the Gluber to the lid.

Twist the end of a piece of ribbon and press it into the center of the Gluber. I like using a frilly ribbon to create more dimension, but you can do this with any ribbon you have. If you're using a flat ribbon, you can coil the ribbon as you loop it to create more depth. Continue coiling the ribbon around the the circle until it is full. Press the ribbon into the Gluber to adhere it.

You can finish off your flower with a small pearl sticker or rhinestone. Isn't it sweet? You could make a whole bouquet of favor box flowers for your next party! Or why not just make some to surprise people with, as a random act of crafty kindness? Enjoy!