DIY Card Making With Wink of Luna Pens

Posted by Laurel Beard
Create a DIY card using the Wink of Luna pens and a great stencil!

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Wink of Luna Pens

Hey there everyone! I am sure some of you are familiar with the Wink of Stella pens. Well, allow me to introduce you to the Wink of LUNA pens! The Wink of Luna pens have a metallic finish, whereas the Wink of Stella has a glitter finish.... Both of these pens have a brush tip so you can create thick or thin lines and are perfect for calligraphy or script writing. I have horrid handwriting, so I won't be using them in that fashion today!

The Wink of Luna colors that I am going to use today are: silver, violet and blue. I just couldn't find a way to incorporate that green into my card today... Next time, next time. I love the metallic shine these Luna's leave behind.

I thought I would share a video showing you how you can easily use them with a stencil! Yup, super duper easy to use them with a stencil. Simply color in the stencil with the Wink of Luna's just like you normally would with whatever medium you choose to use with a stencil! I wanted to give the reindeer some silver antlers! He's the King of the herd so I had to make him special! I also colored a die cut word with the purple Luna and then created a nice metallic blue border to go on either side of my card panel! I paired them with the Distress Inks to create this super simple card easy for mass producing. Distress Inks are great for quick and easy coloring and shading! Blitsy has loads of stencil designs to choose from!

I hope you enjoy the video! Have an awesome day!