Distress Ink MINIS pack a punch!

Posted by Laurel Beard

Hi everyone! It's Laurel Beard here! If you know me, you know I LOVE Distress Inks! Distress Inks are formulated to react with water so there are so many techniques you can do with them. So I was absolutely thrilled to see that they were offered in a mini version. It gave me the opportunity to get colors I didn't already have. They are sold in packs of four at a very reasonable price and here on Blitsy they are even more discounted! Score!!!!!!

Once I made the switch and purchased all of the mini's, I was sold and made the conversion to the minis. For one, storage!!! Way easier to store, and they have these adorable storage tins which makes it even better, and cute!! Also, the mini cubes allows you to get into small, intricate places using the direct to paper technique. I've got a video showing you my Mini Distress Ink collection.

And at the end of the video, I quickly show you the direct to paper technique using the distress inks and water! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Distress Ink Minis pack a punch! Are sure are cute!!!!